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Mic-O-Say Alumni - May 2015

Issue #1

New Directing Medicine Man

Directing Medicine Men

Brave ceremony, 6th session marked the retirement of Dave Woodman and the appointment of Medicine Man, Big Four Shields Lester Ham, as our new Directing Medicine Man.

Lester brings to the position great personal knowledge and experience in Mic-O-Say. He also serves on the council executive committee as the vice-president in charge of properties. We can look forward to continuing improvement and growth of our Tribe under his leadership.

Who and Where Are They?

Called Braves

Can you identify these Tribesmen? They were Called Braves in 2003 and parts of this photo were on the cover of the 2004 "Inner Circle". From time to time we will print photos of past Tribesmen and bring you up to date on their activities.

Contact Dave Woodman at if you have any information.

Brave Roundup

Approximately 400 of our Braves attended this year's Brave Roundup. During the five breakout periods they had the opportunity to renew their promises in SheSheBe and to receive assistance as they prepare their Warrior attire. A thank you to Lynn Houston and Doug Roberts who made possible the two venues. Also, thanks to Steve and Sheila Lancaster and their staff who did so much to provide help to our new Braves.

Tribal Celebration

Beginning on Friday evening, May 29, Bartle Tribesmen will gather again to fill their hearts and minds with the lessons of Mic-O-Say. The program will continue through Saturday, finishing with the naming of our new Presiding Chieftain for 2015.

A special invitation is extended to our 2014 Braves. There will be no cost to them to attend as they will be guests of the Tribe. Register online now for Tribal Celebration.

Tribesman in Procession