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OA Alumni - September 2015

by: Scott Weaver

Upcoming OA Events

Oct. 3-4
Tamegonit Lodge Vigil Banquet
Nov. 6-8
National Leadership Seminar/National Lodge Advisor Training Seminar
Jan. 9
Tamegonit Lodge Winter Banquet

OA Centurion Award

Centurion Award

The Centurion Award honors Arrowmen who have meaningfully contributed to the forming and maturing of the operational excellence in their local council’s Lodge. This award is a one-time recognition associated with the centennial anniversary of the Order of the Arrow.


  • Gene Adams
  • Cortland Bolles
  • Allen Boyd
  • John Clark
  • Gregory Ellerman
  • Andrew Green
  • Glenn Jackson
  • John Jones
  • Patrick McGurk
  • Judy Molt
  • Howard Rollins ll
  • Irma Sue Shirk
  • Christopher Smith
  • Forest Strentz
  • Christopher Underwood
  • James Hayes
  • Don Baldwin
  • Forrest Bolles
  • Thomas Bundy
  • Kelsie Clark
  • George Feil
  • Anthony Grosshans
  • Berkley Jones
  • Rick Ledgerwood
  • Skip McGurk
  • Steven Ozaki
  • Suzanne Schartz
  • Colin Smalley
  • Colby Soden
  • Ian Thomas
  • Kenny Ward
  • Jesse Miller
  • Edward Bishop
  • Senn Boswell
  • Stephen Campbell
  • Kirk Doan
  • Jim Feil
  • Edward Hubert
  • JD Jones
  • Nicholas Light
  • Ryan Meador, PhD
  • Phillip Raine
  • Abe Shears
  • David Smiros
  • Marty Stevens
  • Michael Thompson
  • Tom Ward

Arrow Tour

Nearly 400 people gathered at Camp Naish on June 20 to experience ArrowTour, one of the many programs celebrating the Order of the Arrow's centennial anniversary. ArrowTour provided opportunities to reflect, connect and discover the Order's Centuries of Service, both past and future.

OA Arrow Tour

National Order of the Arrow Conference — Centennial Celebration

OA Centennial

Over 170 members from Heart of America Council joined other Arrowmen as participants and event staffers from across the US and visiting countries, for a week long program that included Training, Physical Competition, AIA Evaluation, Showcases, and Fellowship. Upon arriving at Michigan State University, participants were issued their individual Spark social media device that turned meeting others, into a fun competitive game.  

OA Centennial

The premier event kicked off the OA Centennial Anniversary Celebration with a night show calling upon all 15,000 Arrowman present, to live the theme “It Starts with Us”. Each were challenged to affect change and bring the fire home, to those they will touch.

OA Centennial

OA Centennial

As the week continued, Arrowmen took part in classes from how to better a committee, to Fly Fishing Made Simple, to creating the Cutting Edge Conclave. In a demonstration of physical stamina, our members participated in the 5k Run, taking 1st in the 4x400 Relay, and 3rd place in Soccer.

OA Centennial

OA Centennial

In the American Indian Activities/Inductions and Ceremonial Events Competition, our Dance Team and Ceremonial Team took home more national awards than ever before. Four of our six dancers advanced to ribbon in the semi-finals in the individual dance competition. Four members ribbon in the in individual Dance Attire competition. The team also competed in the inaugural PowWow competition for NOAC.  Ceremony Team; having trained together weekly over the past two years, medal as National Honor Team in all events, the Pre-Ordeal Ceremony, the new Brotherhood Ceremony, and the Vigil Ceremony performance. During the grand AIA/ICE Night of Champions, our Ceremony Team took center stage and was presented National Champions in the Ceremonial Costume Competition portraying their region, a first take home for this Lodge. 

In his keynote speech, the OA National Chief launched #DareToDo service initiative for 100 days following NOAC. It calls for all Arrowman to perform small acts of service, and sharing over social media. The power of 165,000 Arrowmen performing this simple task will ignite other Scouts and Americans to follow, thus putting our foot forward in service for all. 

Opportunities for Arrowmen don't end with NOAC. Don’t forget the benefits as an Inducted Arrowman. Want to go on the Canadian Odyssey? This OA High Adventure two weeks experience puts you in Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario Canada. Including Ocean Adventure, which includes service such as coral restoration in the Florida Keys, there are five High Adventure programs specifically for OA members. At the 2017 BSA National Jamboree, Operation Arrow is a special opportunity for you to staff with fellow brothers as part of the OA Service Corps as infrastructure support for this event. The next NOAC will be in 2018 hosted at Indiana University.