Recommit, Reconnect, Rekindle

What is the Alumni Association?  Who is an alumnus of Scouting?  Webster defines an alumnus as:  “(1)  a person who has attended or has graduated from a particular school; or (2) a person who is a former member, employee, contributor . . .”

Since Baden-Powell first conceived Scouting, it has always been a school – a  school of outdoor life, of emergency preparedness skills, of leadership, and of service to others.  If you are reading this, you are most likely a member, a leader, a contributor, or an employee – or you once were.  So the answer to the above questions really are that YOU are an alumnus and HOAC’s Scouting Alumni Association was set up for you!

It doesn’t matter if you are still involved in Scouting in some capacity or whether you once were.  My bet is that many things you experienced in Scouting had a positive impact on your life – Great friends; significant mentors or role models; amazing experiences in the outdoors; places that you had never seen before; things you had never done before; tests of your character, your physical abilities, your patience, or your persistence that you conquered; glimpses of what you then wanted your future to become.  These things are so valuable to you now as memories that you want other young men to have similar experiences.  Experiences which were so memorable that you would enjoy sharing those memories and socializing with others who had similar experiences.  That is the purpose of our Alumni Association.

Mission:  To reconnect with those in and outside our community who have been directly touched by the Scouting Program.

Vision:  The Heart of America Alumni Association is designed to continue or rekindle an individual’s enthusiasm for Scouting through their own deep personal ties, and to re-engage them to a level that they feel connected, yet comfortable, in the knowledge that they can become involved at the level they desire.

The key to fulfilling our mission and vision is to create various levels for you to engage and various affinity groups that appeal to your interests.  Engagement can range from just wanting to stay informed about what Scouting is doing in your community, to attending one or more social events each year meeting friends and seeing fun places, to volunteering to staff a Scouting event, a service project, or an award ceremony to help young Scouts reap the same benefits you once enjoyed.

The cost to join is zero, nada, zilch.  Sign up and you will begin to receive quarterly electronic newsletters.  You will learn what others are doing and what events are being planned.  Some events will have costs to cover what you consume, or will cost you the gasoline to get there.  You can choose whatever level of involvement you want.  No risk, but plenty of rewards.

Share this with your friends (fellow Troop members, staff members, Tribesmen or Lodge members) and ask them to sign up now.

Rick Boeshaar
Alumni Association Chair